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We have always known Lipsticks are for lips. We have them in different shades, texture, types. For a girl a lipstick is a most important thing in her make-up, a right color can make you look good, feel good and change your whole appearance. We all that lipsticks which are near to its end or are old which we don’t often wear, so don’t throw them away instead use them differently.  Let’s learn five different uses of lipstick other than its usual work.



  1. Blush


Just ran out of blush? Or forgot to buy one… don’t worry we have a quick solution to that. Take your old lipstick in any shade you like, e.g., red, pink, or orange and use them as a blush. Apply them to your cheeks and blend them nicely and no one would ever know you used lipstick. It is also the best way to match your blush with your lip color. Use the only cream based or liquid lipstick as it will stay long and won’t look patchy.


  1. Color corrector


We often don’t want to spend a lot of money on the full palette of color corrector or a stick which we won’t use for a long time, instead just use a lipstick. You’re Red. Orange, Nude or Pink color lipstick will work best for those unwanted dark circles, spots, pimples or dullness. So, next time don’t spend a lot of money on different things just buy one right color lipstick which would work like a magic wand for you.

  1. Eye Shadow


Can’t find a color on your eyeshadow palette or just ran out of your favorite eyeshadow, your lipstick will save you. Lipstick works as the best cream based eyeshadow and it last longer than usual powder shadows. Take out your lipstick color and apply them on your eyelids, you can even use your nude color lipstick as the base for your colored eyeshadow.


  1. Contouring and Highlighting


Lipsticks can also be used as a contouring and highlight. For contouring, nude and brown color shades will only work, and for highlighting take out your shiny pink or peach shade lipstick and flaunt your face.


  1. Tattoo cover-up


Tattoos are fun and exciting, but hiding them is the most challenging part. There are some occasions in our life where we need to hide our tattoos and for this lipsticks works best. Yes, you heard me… lipstick will work wonders on those tattoos. For this purpose, dark color lipstick will work best, and I would suggest red, blend that red shade on your tattoo and then conceal it with a good concealer and powder and no will be able to guess that you have a tattoo hidden.




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