6 Effective ways to lose weight | Get Fit Easily |

6 Effective ways to lose weight | Get Fit Easily |


Spending a lot of time at the gym, craving for those yummy foods, we all must have been through this. The word “ lose weight” is in itself feels like a horror, but we still struggle with it. We all must have tried everything which would work on those unwanted bulges, but the results were not satisfactory. We have also heard from all those advisers in our life that if you want to lose weight join a gym or start dieting, but struggle in gym and starving is NO FUN!!.. My friend, I have a perfect solution to this. So, here are six effective ways to lose weight which are exciting and fun


  1. Walking/ Running/Jogging

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We all must have known this, but many times we don’t try, if you still haven’t started it, this is the time to get up and start walking or running or jogging whichever you like. If you are too lazy like I just go for a walk for about 20-30 mins and you will not only lose weight but also feel more energetic.


  1. Swimming

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Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, it’s easy, and it’s so much fun to get into that water. If you don’t know how to swim just join one of the swimming classes, you will lose weight while learning something new.

  1. Sports

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Another easy and fun activity you can do is playing your favorite sport which requires physical activity. I bet you will enjoy while losing weight and you won’t even realize. It can be cricket, badminton, football, etc. do remember to play it regularly. If you can’t play near your house, then join any club or course so that you are dedicated towards it.


  1. Cycling

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We all have ridden a cycle while we were kids and at that time we felt more energetic and young. There is no age to cycle, it’s fun, good for your health, and also it is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. Nowadays you can easily rent a cycle, so next time you have to go anywhere may to buy groceries or even to the office (if you can) get on your cycle and fly. It will not only make your muscle stronger but also make you fit.


  1. Dance

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Yes! You heard it right, easy simple and fun way to lose way. Everyone loves to dance even if we don’t know the proper rule of it. Don’t worry just dance the way you feel and lose weight, isn’t it interesting and fun.  If you wish to join classes of any dance form or just turn on music and show you move, don’t feel shy or hesitated you are not competing just enjoy yourself while losing weight and live for yourself.


  1. Homework


Don’t get confused by the heading I’m not giving you any homework to do. Instead, I’m sharing a fascinating way to lose weight. It is not only easy but cheap even from all of the ways mentioned above. Our body requires energy in doing every task even for digesting food, so we lose every time we do some work. We can’t keep a count of this, but surely it is useful.

Have you ever had a situation where you ate a lot, and you had a hectic day, and next morning you haven’t gained anything pound, in fact, you lost few grams? That happened because the amount of work you did that day required more energy then you consumed so your body took the rest of that power from your weight and this how you lost. So next time does your work by yourself, even for having one glass of water.


Note: – The above-mentioned exercises only work with the balanced diet. So eat healthily and stay healthy.

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