Best places to eat Chole bhature in delhi

Chole bhature

Chole bhature in Delhi

Our day starts with breakfast and from childhood, we all had this common breakfast which we still can’t get bored off. No matter from which culture or state you belong, people crave to try one plate of this delicacy.  So, here is a list of best places to eat Chole bhature in Delhi.

  1. Chache Di Hatti


    Chole bhature

If you are living anywhere near to Delhi University, north campus then you exactly know what I’m talking about, and if you never heard about this place my friend you need to visit this place ASAP. Whenever I think about Chole bhature, chache di hatti is a place for me. Their perfect blend of species made their chole the best and unique from all other shops, the bhaturas are soft and fluffy and their Imly chutney is just WOW!!. They serve two type of bhatura one aloo stuffed and another one is plain. It is located in Kamla Nagar market and it opens at 9 A.m and by the time around 12 or 1 P.m. their all stuff is sold out. So if you want to enjoy this delicacy reach there by 9.30 or 10 A.m. and get into that long line, but I assure you that wait would be worth it.


  1. Sita ram diwan chand

    Chole bhature

A small shop located in the hustle of Paharganj serving one of the best Chole bhature for more than 50 years. This place is number one on the list of all the foodies, especially for Chole bhature lovers. They have a secret recipe for their Chole which make them mouthwatering and delicious. It is always crowded you will find Delhi as well as outsider enjoying this delicious food under one roof. They open from 8 A.m. to 5 P.m. nearest metro station is R.K ashram marg and it in Paharganj chuna mandi near the imperial cinema.


  1. Bille di hatti

    Chole bhature

It one of the old and famous places located at Kamla Nagar market near Delhi University. This place is famous for its Punjabi style breakfast which includes a plate of Chole puri, a glass of lassi and for your sweet tooth their delicious desi ghee halwa as a foodie this is heaven. It opens at 7 A.m. till 4 P.m. At least once have your breakfast at this place.


  1. Gopal sweets corner


Chole bhature

Another famous shop in Kamla Nagar is Gopal sweets corner famous for its bedmi puri and Chole. This version for Chole puri is mouthwatering and also something different to those usual Chole bhature,. It is one of the old and famous shops in Delhi, they also have various other verities from kachori, bread pakora to samosa and many other. It opens from 10 A.m. till 10 P.m.


  1. Rawal pindi wale


Chole bhature

This place is known for its authentic ancient taste of chole which are still the same. Located at Malka ganj chowk near Jawahar Nagar, kamla nagar serves one of the best quality Chole bhature. This place is famous for its quality. They are available from 8 A.m. till 3 P.m.


  1. Nand di hatti


    Chole bhature

Sadar Bazar is full of small hidden gems and one of them is Nand di Hatti famous for its Chole bhature. They are serving the same old authentic taste since 1946. there Chole bhature are prepared in pure desi ghee. You can find them at 830, Pan Mandi, Sadar Bazaar, Old Delhi, they start from 10 A.m. till 7 P.m.


  1. Grover Mithaivala


    Chole bhature

It is one of the best places to try Chole bhature. You can find this place at jail road, Tilak Nagar. They are available from 8 A.m. till 8 P.m… They also have various other sweets and savories which are must a try. It is near to Tilak Nagar metro station.


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