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We have heard a lot of times that for Healthy life and weight loss you need to eat only vegetables and fruits, well that is true but to an extent.  Even if we stick to a diet or do a lot of exercises, sometimes we do crave for those burgers, pizzas, fries, and everything which is tastier and contains a lot of calories which will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. So what if we can eat all of those foods without even gaining an extra pound. I know, this is a dream right, but NO!!!! It’s true with a balanced lifestyle, and some quick, healthy junk food solution we can not only maintain but also can lose weight.

It’s essential to make your meal by yourself this way you will know exactly what you are eating, and by this, you will not eat anything unhealthy, When we buy from McDonalds or KFC or Pizza Hut, etc.  We don’t realize how much calories we are consuming and how much unhygienic unhealthy eating we are doing. So always prepare your meal and products at home.

It’s not a rocket science; it’s as simple as making a sandwich, I know we don’t have that much time to waste on making something but with proper management we can take some time out for our health right? And still, if you can’t, just go for good quality ingredients from the market and at-least prepare/make your meal at home. I once read somewhere we become what we eat, so let’s promise our self we will eat healthy so that we will become healthy. Now let’s check some alternatives for making junk food a healthy meal.


We all love burgers- that juicy patty in that the soft bun, the melting cheese and the flavors (I already have a craving to eat one). Whenever burger comes to our mind, we go for KFC, McDonald or burger king, etc. but do you know how much calories they put in that tasty juicy thing, my friend that is a lootttt!! And for me, that would be equal to my whole day calories count, and I would not want to eat only a burger in an entire day and waste my day. Instead, I would prepare one for myself that would be equally tasty but healthier.

Making a healthy burger is quite easy you will just need a lot of veggies, whole wheat or multi-grain bun and low-fat sauces and cheese whichever you like. If you can prepare all these ingredients at home, it will make your dish healthier. Also, cheese is good sources of protein so don’t be afraid to add that and as I said balance is everything so keep a balance in your diet.

For burger’s patty either choose a grilled chicken or veggie patty. For preparing a veggie patty boil and mash all your favorite veggies and add bread crumbs and some flour, mix everything and make a dough, now make small round patty. Fry them in a good quality oil like olive oil or coconut oil or sunflower oil which are healthy for your body and skin they don’t make you fat. You can use homemade sauce prepared coriander and mint sauce, tomato sauce or make mayonnaise with hung curd or Greek yogurt which is again a good source of protein. Now combine everything like a burger and enjoy yourself.

Don’t forget to add a lot of different vegetables as they are low in calories and high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins which will not let you gain weight and also make you healthy. Likewise, you can make different dishes at home. Don’t be afraid of experiments with food this way you will find a recipe of your own.

Different alternative to junk food

Burger- Whole wheat or multi-grain burger and lot of veggies
Pizza- Whole wheat or multi-grain pizza base and lot of vegetables
Pasta- Whole wheat or multi-grain pasta, lot of veggies and homemade sauce
Chips- Onion rings or banana chips or sweet potato chips or veggies chips fried in olive oil/sunflower oil/coconut oil.
Noodles- Multi-grain or oats noodles with a lot of veggies and good quality sauce.
Ice-cream – frozen yogurt or Greek yogurt with fruits and flavors.
Chocolates – Dark chocolate or coca.

Healthy Tips

  1. A balanced diet and exercise are both essential parts of a healthy lifestyle, so at least for 15 min do anything you will like, e.g., Play your favorite sport which needs physical activity, go for a run, spend some time in a gym or just walk around.
  2. Eating right is important so always count you calories add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet it can be in any form, so take it.
  3. Cut down on sugar and keep a balance of salt as both these ingredients are not suitable for your health
    Water is an essential part of your life, so don’t forget to drink a lot of water in your entire day.

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