Top 5 Benefits and uses of Vitamin E capsules

Top 5 Benefits and uses of Vitamin E capsules



Vitamin E Capsules

It has antioxidant which is essential for our body and skin. It repairs skin, works as a moisturizer, helps to improve vision, increase growth and quality of hair, it antibacterial property will protect your hair from dandruff and split end. Vitamin E has many uses and benefits. These capsules are easily available and safe to use. Now let’s figure out 5 uses and benefits of vitamin E capsules.

Vitamin E capsules

  1. Face mask

Use Vitamin E capsules as a face mask and it will do wonders for your skin. You will see the changes in 1st time only. Its antibacterial property will protect your skin from harmful infection, it will work as a moisturizer on your skin, it will repair your dry and dull skin and it will keep your skin hydrated. Buy a pack of vitamin e capsule from any pharmacy; it is easily available and also affordable. Now take one capsule from the pack and poke the capsule with a clean needle and transfer this oil in a clean bowl you can even apply this oil directly on your face or mix this oil with Aloe Vera gel and 1 slice of grind cucumber and massage this mixture on your face, and keep it on your face for about 15-20 min and then wash it off with cold or lukewarm water. This pack is good for both dry and oily skin this will moisturize your skin and also remove excess oil from your face. It also helps to remove dark spots and pimples.


  1. Lip balm

We often forget to take care of our lips. This balm will not only hydrate your lips but also make them soft and pink. This is best and permanent remedy for people having dry and chapped lips. Take a clean bowl and a needle poke one vitamin E capsules transfer this oil in a clean bowl. You can apply this oil directly on your lips or mix it with your favorite lip balm. Keep this balm overnight or keep it for 20-30 min. You can even leave this balm on your lips and just go on with your day.


  1. Eye cream

Eyes are the most beautiful feature on our face, we often suffer from dark circles or baggy eyes. Using those chemicals is a big NO! NO! Either they are expensive or they don’t give you a permanent solution. So why don’t we make our own cream with just one simple ingredient? Vitamin E capsules will lighten your dark spots, it also reduces wrinkles and age spots, and it will also reduce bagginess from your eyes. Take vitamin E oil in your palm and apply it on your under eyes and massage your eyes in circular motions. It will regulate blood flow and remove any blood clotting under those eyes. Either keep it overnight or apply it as a day cream. You can even mix it with Aloe Vera gel or your favorite cream.

  1. Hair Treatment

Vitamin E capsule is the best solution for your damaged hair, it will repair your scalp and hair, encourage growth, it will control dandruff and it will make your hair shiny and healthy. Mix one vitamin E capsule with your favorite oil and massage it well into your scalp and hair. Keep it overnight and wash it off the next day. It will also prevent hair fall and split ends.


  1. Face cream

Vitamin E also works as a cream; it will soften your skin, removes dark spots and wrinkles and improves blood flow. Apply vitamin E oil directly to your face or mix it with your favorite cream and massage this mixture on your face in circular motion. You can also keep this mixture as a night cream and wash it off in the morning. It also works as a serum and is safe to use for any skin type.




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